Medical Training

In a country where the lack of healthcare is prominent, medical training is essential. The medical program at UCI has the highest enrollment. 


At the university, there is a science lab, computer lab, and the school has internet in the classrooms, a dissection lab, a clinic, and extension training to build up well-rounded, well-trained students.

The clinic gives a lot of university students the opportunity to obtain training and experience to become better doctors, which in turn gives medical care for the whole community. For those that come to the clinic in Caiman, there is a benevolence fund for the ones that are not able to pay anything.


Help strengthen Haiti by financially supporting scholarship opportunities for equipping future leaders through higher education and training.

  • $1800/yr: Nursing Student (4 years)

  • $1800/yr: Medical Student (8 years)

Please contact if you are interested in providing a scholarship or check out our Support page, to find out how you can support UCI financially. Also you can contact, if you are interested in getting more involved. UCI’s Medical School is the only accredited medical program outside of PAP in a country where there is only 1 medical provider for every 10,000 people.