What are the costs
of a haiti mission?

Team Fee of $50/day - per diem *** (see below for details) - team will have to include more funds for transportation costs to and from the airport (see options below), due at least 30 days before your trip (the sooner the better so it can be deposited directly to Haiti before your team gets there)

*If you cancel, shorten, or change the length of your stay within 30 days of the trip, the per diem is non-refundable due to purchases and staff that have been prearranged.

Vehicle surcharge of $50/person - due when per diems are paid. This is not to be confused with transportation costs as this surcharge helps us with the maintenance/repair of our vehicles.

Tourist Fee at the Port-au-Prince airport - $10 US/person to be paid before entering immigration. You will want to carry in with you as cash, do not send in with per diem.


Out-of-pocket expenses – expenses–you should plan for some souvenirs, offerings to national churches, some food or snacks on the way–each team member is responsible for their own needs

PAP Guest House expense - In case of emergency or the safety level of traveling in and out of PAP, it may be suggested that your team stay in a guest house traveling in or out of Haiti. Please bring $55 per team member in an emergency fund just in case it is needed. If not, you will bring this money home with you.

Extra “Team Money” - for special projects, determined by each team (this could be for a special building project, craft items, Bibles, materials, etc.)

*All checks should be payable to United Christians International (UCI).

P. O. Box 862
Cherokee, IA 51012

*** What does the Team Fee cover?

- on-field accommodations and meals

- laundry (done by hand)

- safe drinking water and sodas

- local transportation around UCI, unless UCI vehicles cannot handle the size of your team

- pre-field training and materials (ask for via the UCI, Box 862 address)

- on-field leadership, translators

- guards on the UCI-Haiti compound

Who makes the travel arrangements?

UCI recommends the Team Leader arrange air travel. Another possible resource would be www.wideworldtravel.com. Others are available on the web.

Important travel notes:

When planning your air travel, remember all team members should arrive at the mission destination at the same time and depart at the same time. Get UCI’s approval of your complete itinerary before actually purchasing tickets.