Agricultural Projects & Training

One way to increase food production for Haitians is through water pumps. Two-thirds of the cost is paid back into the program over 2 years. The pumps are used cooperatively with 5 farmers who all become educated, trained, and encouraged to develop an economic plan for how the pump will affect their crops growth.

UCI also carries out a female goat giveaway, educating recipients on raising the animals and a simple economic program for investing. Pigs, goats, or cows are given to a local family with the condition that the first female of the litter be given back to UCI. UCI then gives the animals to other familes in the area. This tithing program has experienced tremendous success.

So far UCI has:

  • 26 irrigation pumps in use.

  • over 1,500 animals circulating through their tithing program

  • given almost 120,000 + reforestation and grafted fruit trees away, or sold at a nominal price

  • 80,000 coffee trees have been distributed

Please contact if you are interested in supporting a project or check out our Support page, to find out how you can support UCI financially. Also, contact, if you are interested in getting more involved.